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Bill's X10 Voice Commander

Thank you for your interest in BXVC!

BXVC had a good run and I learned a great deal about what can and can't be done (easily at least) with scripting languages. Due to the limitations I encountered in trying to write more complicated features into BXVC using scripting languages, I have finally decided that my experiment with scripting BXVC is at an end.

But not to worry! I have rewritten BXVC in Visual BASIC. This allowed me to add many new features and create a much more "Windows like" user interface. I also changed the name to Bill's Voice Commander (BVC) because it is now able to control more than just X10 modules.

If you already have a complex BXVC setup working, BVC can import your BXVC setup and with little or no effort you will be up and running as if nothing ever changed!

Oh, yeah... you can find BVC at:Bill's Voice Commander

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