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Bill's Voice Commander

What is Bill's Voice Commander (BVC)?:

Bill's Voice Commander started as an add-on to X10's Active Home Pro home automation software. Don't get me wrong, AHP is great by itself, but as George Jetson used to complain; "My button pushing finger is sore!" Well, welcome to the 21st century, where your lips can do the walking and give your sore fingers a rest!

Basically, BVC will let you give voice commands to control devices in your home and give you voice and audio feedback about what is going on.

If you would like to see BVC in action, check out this web site created by one of BVC's biggest fans!: Dave_X10_L's BVC Fan Site Lots of great ideas, information and videos about what you can do and how with BVC!

Support BVC!

Okay, I am begging now! Please, in consideration of the hundreds of hours that I have already spent (and those thousands to follow), help ME to keep helping YOU by:

  • Ordering all of your X10 needs from Bill's X10 Store.

  • Donating a couple (or more if you can) hours worth of your paycheck (whenever you can afford to) for hundreds of hours (and still counting) of my time by clicking here: Make a donation for BVC (All donations are processed on a secure page at PayPal. I never see your credit card informaton and you can donate either by credit card or with a PayPal account). Plus, when you have donated $30 or more, you will receive access to the Full Version of BVC (which, for one thing, doesn't nag about donating)!

To coin a phrase, "Thank you for your support!"

Give me your input:

Contact me with your questions, comments, suggestions, gripes or praise.

System requirements:

  • BVC requires the .NET Framework Version 3.5 or above. You should be able to install this using "Windows Update" or "Microsoft Update".

  • You will need a compatible speech engine. If you're running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or certain other speech enabled software you may already have this. If you're not sure, download, install and run Bill's Voice Commander and it will complain if it can't find a compatible speech engine. If it does, download and install Microsoft's Speech SDK 5.1 for Windows®. You can get it at:

  • Although it's not required to run BVC, and BVC will play Audio for Windows (.wav) formatted audio files without it, installing and setting up Windows Media Player will allow BVC to play audio files in all the formats supported by Windows Media Player (like .mp3, .wma, etc.).

  • Although it's not required to run the program, if you want to actually control lights and appliances that don't come with an infra-red remote control, you will need the CM15A and Active Home Pro software, as well as some appropriate X10 modules to connect them to. All of those and more can be found at Bill's X10 Store.

  • Again, although it's not required to run the program, if you want to actually control devices like TV's, VCR's, etc. that do come with an infra-red remote control, you will need the USB-UIRT. I strongly suggest you buy the "USB-UIRT w/additional 56KHz IR Sensor *BLACK USB CABLE*", as some remotes use 56KHz and it only costs $5.00 more than the basic version! It hooks up to the computer running BVC through a USB port. If you choose to order one, please try and tell them that "bill@wgjohns.com" sent you! I am trying to work out a deal with them to get a better price for BVC users, however, I don't think they are taking me seriously so far! You can buy the USB-UIRT from the manufacturer at the USB-UIRT Order Page at www.usbuirt.com.

Legal Stuff:

By downloading this software, you agree to hold myself, Microsoft and anyone else potentially involved harmless for any damages, copyright infringement and anything else someone might think to sue for. This software is experimental (at best) and although I have done my best to test it I can't guarantee its safety or suitability for any particular use.

What's new?

For the latest info, visit the BVC Latest Version forum at:
While you're at it, why not join-in at the wgjohns.com forums and tell us what you think?


Trial Version:

Download this:
Bill's Voice Commander Version Trial Version

Save the file where ever you like then double-click on the file named "Install_BVC_Ver_0_3_0_0_s.exe"

Full Version:

Download this:
Bill's Voice Commander Version Full Version

Save the file where ever you like then double-click on the file named "Install_BVC_Ver_0_3_0_0.exe"

Technical Support:

Visit my forum at: http://wgjohns.com/forums/index.php
or e-mail me at: bill@wgjohns.com
or chat in real-time with me ( -Bill- (of wgjohns.com) ) and some of your fellow users at: http://bdshost.com/ac/

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